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Ship Spill Emergency Response

We have been dedicating to the oil spill response business. In order to carry out the business better, our company is equipped with professional oil spill contingency ships and some emergency facilities, such as oil skimmer, containment boom, spraying device, oil absorbent mat and oil dispersant, integrating the capacities of containing, recycling, clearing and storing.

Tank Cleaning
We have experienced and professional work group. We have tank cleaning tools of sundry specifications, including anti-explosion oil pump, high pressure cleaning machine, anti-explosion ventilator and anti-explosion interphone. We are capable of offering efficient, safe and standardized tank cleaning service.
Our experienced employees have accepted professional trainings and are capable of drawing up the disposal scheme according to different circumstances.
Sludge Collection & Disposal
SHENZHEN SHENSHENDA OCEAN ENGINEERING SERVICE CO., LTD is a professional sludge disposal company approved by Shenzhen Transportation Bureau and authorized by Shenzhen MSA.
We have a large sludge (oily water) treatment plant, professional management team and field work team.
We formulated strict field operation flow for the sake of committing our service promise of “safety first”. We have kept “ Zero accident” until now.
We are perfecting our company management system and the construction of vessel’s emergency response ability according to MARPOL and the regulations of Shenzhen MSA for the goal of safe navigation and ocean preserving.
Garbage/Scrap Recycling
We carry out waste recycling and garbage disposal services according to the relevant laws and regulations under the supervision of Shenzhen Customs and Shenzhen Inspection & Quarantine Bureau. We have served thousands of ships until now for cleaning of garbage in accommodation quarters and engine room, worn-out cylinder jacket, scrap iron, worn-out riggings, etc.
Ship Supply
We have a large warehouse in Shekou, Shenzhen, which can meet the supply requirements of our customers in time and provide best materials supply service for vessels in each port.
We have already been the main supplier in Perl River Delta region. Besides, we provide services for a dozen ships every month. We have wide range services and adequate storage. The main materials we supply are: paint & chemicals, steel wire & rope, riggings& cargo nets, hardware tool, lamps& electrical appliances, labor protection material, bedding ,living materials as well as watering& colligation, ship-repair agency, life raft service, CO2 and dry powder service.
We can also timely and quickly provide some ships steel and hard-to-get materials as international standard latch, water pistol, valves, flanges, 110V lamps& electrical appliances, the imported navigation bulbs and outdoor reflector bulbs, fuse, grease nipples of different types, ect.
Ship Maintenance& Repair
We have a professional repairing team and many vehicles for engineering. With the principles of “making ourselves big, making ourselves strong” and after the unceasing developments, we have became the designated partner for voyage-repairing of Wan Hai Lines Ltd and the qualified Subcontractor of Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Limited.
 We strictly observe the management regulations for ship’s maintenance company and our own quality management system ISO 9001, we highly value the safety and quality of our operation and are tough on ourselves for safe operation and accidents prevention and eliminating to provide timely, efficient and high-quality services for our customers both at home and abroad. Our perfect techniques and excellent service of high grade help us to win high reputation in the industry.

About us

      We take “Sincere, Professional, Efficiency” as our service principle, To try to provide one-stop services for customers, we improve our service capacity & level ceaselessly. We will positively explore domestic and overseas market in future developments to seek customers and cooperation partners in far-ranging scope.


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