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    At present, SHENSHENDA owns a professional marine oil spill response vessel named JIAO LONG SAN HAO which is the most advanced and has the best shipping technology and the most perfect capability of oil spill recovery in the cleaning industry. The vessel is 46.88 meters long, 7.50 meters wide and 4.0 meters molded depth with a dead weight of 590 tons. It is put into operation off shore and mainly services in Shenzhen east and west ports. The ship has not only advanced shipping equipment, but also installed marine oil spill recovery equipment, oil dispersant fixed spraying equipment, an oil boom cleaning pool, and high temperature and high pressure hot water cleaning equipment. It provides 24-hour all-weather cleaning service for Shenzhen ports.
    JIAO LONG SAN HAO is specially designed as an emergency response ship when marine oil spill accidents occur. Its cockpit and observatory are built on the top of the ship where it has 360 degrees visibility, which make it helpful for monitoring the site of marine oil spill and commanding the oil clearing. The marine oil spill recovery equipment can collect oily water 100 cubic meters per hour. The ship can store no less than 500 cubic meters and oil boom 300 meters. The volume of oil boom cleaning pool is 8 cubic meters. And the high temperature and high pressure hot water cleaning equipment can spray out 80 Celsius degrees hot water and clean oil boom on the spot. Moreover, the sewage will be recycled to the slop tanks, so it can prevent the port from secondary pollution.




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