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SHENSHENDA Joined the Joint Spill Emergency Drill in Eastern Area of South China Sea

      In order to test the emergency response work, perfect the emergency response system, and improve emergency response capacity, to effectively discover and cope with potential spill risk, South China Sea Branch of State Ocean Administration and Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC, together with Shenzhen Shenshenda Ocean Engineering Services CO.,Ltd, Panyu Operating Company of CNOOC, CACT Operators Group, Newfield Exploration Company (China), Chevron China Energy Company, China Offshore Environmental Services LTD, and other China and foreign offshore oil corporations, held the joint spill drill in the eastern oil field of South China sea, which is carried out in the open waters in CHIWAN anchorage.
      The drill started in the morning on 31st, October, which simulated the collision accidents of B vertical pipe in A oil field, causing pipeline fracture and some crude oil (about 8 Tons) spills into the sea! The spill emergency response work would start after the accidents happened, the sea-going workers reported to company according to the spill emergency response procedure while organizing emergency response work, then the spill emergency response procedure started.
To guarantee the authenticity and practical effect, the drill employed many spill disposal equipments including 3 marine surveillance ships, 3 anchor handling towing supply vessels, 2 tugs, 2 recovery Ship, 2 greenships, 2 guard patrol boats, 2 helicopters, Type 2000 inflatable rubber oil boom, 800 M PVC900 oil boom, 800 M Oil-absorbent boom,100 KG oil absorbent mat, 1 set large Finland LAMOR brush type oil skimmer, ALUGATOR brush type oil skimmer,etc.
  The drill lasted about 5 hours from mobilization to the end of oil spill removal simulation. It comprehensively displayed the following spill response procedure: discovering oil spill, then reporting to company and starting emergency plan, simulating the drifting direction and effect area with spill drifting software, emergency ship and helicopter arriving the spill area, laying oil boom to control spill, locating precisely the spill with greenship and skimming, oil dispersant usage declaration, spraying oil dispersant with the helicopter, then end of spill response procedure. It showed the spill monitoring and control capacity from sea and sky, the positive effect of our spill removal techniques and equipments employment!
      Shenzhen Shenshenda Ocean Engineering Services co., LTD played an important role in this joint drill including the following works: laying 800 M PVC900 oil boom and 800 M Oil-absorbent Boom, laying and recycling of 100 KG oil absorbent mat, spraying of fire fighting foam simulating oil spill. Chairman Zhangsenrong elaborately arranged all the preparation work for spill drill, and set clear target and requirements for each department and each ship which guaranteed the full success of this drill, and we were recognized and praised by relative partners!


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