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       Prevention/Control of Port and Ship Pollution 

       Sea Spill Control and Clean 
       SPRO Agreement with Ship Company and Management Company both at Home and Abroad


        We have been dedicating to the oil spill response business. In order to carry out the business better, our company is equipped with professional oil spill contingency ships and some emergency facilities, such as oil skimmer, containment boom, spraying device, oil absorbent mat and oil dispersant, integrating the capacities of containing, recycling, clearing and storing.
Our employees actively participated in the senior commanding, on-site commanding and operation training for oil spill contingency, and obtained corresponding certificates. The company regularly organized the employees to practice the oil spill contingency rehearsal; they also attended the oil spill contingency linkage rehearsal organized by maritime affairs authorizes in each place, greatly improving their emergency response capacity and accumulating plentiful experience.
       We have obtained the level-I SPRO certificate. We are looking forward to making greater contribution to ocean oil spill contingency.


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